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7 Reasons the SDSU Experience Resonates

There’s a reason alumni have a sense of pride when it comes to talking about SDSU. College is one of those “best times” in life that you can look back on fondly. So what about SDSU—what makes it an alma mater students are proud to claim? 

Here are some of the reasons the phrase “I went to SDSU” resonates.

Proven Academics

SDSU’s academic programs are the No. 1 reason. Whether it’s the Jerome J. Lohr College of Engineering’s national rankings in successful bachelor’s degree completions or the university's national recognition as a solid return on academic investment, SDSU gathers its fair share of attention nationwide.

Fast Placement

SDSU’s commitment to solid future career prospects lies in its job placement rates. Among SDSU’s nursing majors, for example, 100 percent find a career in their field. That same level of placement is enjoyed across many of the university’s programs, including the Dairy & Food Science Department which manages a 100 percent placement for its graduatesand the College of Pharmacy & Allied Health Professions, which is just shy of 100 percent.

Amazing Internships

Any SDSU alum will tell you—internships that provide the experience necessary for career opportunities are abundant. From print and digital media positions for journalism majors to being on the front lines of technological advancements in mechanical engineering at regional and national companies, there’s no shortage of résumé-building experiences.

Study Abroad

With the increasingly global nature of many careers, one of the most valuable things you can give your future prospects is an international perspective. A global outlook is crucial to many career paths, so the fact that SDSU offers opportunities abroad from Hong Kong to Ghana to New Zealand to Peru means that students can expand their experiences to a global perspective.

Extracurricular Involvement

College is a perfect time to discover what you’re truly passionate about—and there’s often no better way to do that than by finding camaraderie in like-minded clubs and organizations. SDSU offers several student-led groups that provide opportunities for community volunteering and gathering people with similar interests, from robotics to gaming to real estate.

Work Ethic

Alumni across the region get used to hearing the same three-word phrase when it comes to applying for jobs. “Midwestern work ethic.” (And it’s more than just a commonly held belief—according to the census, the five “most employed” states in the United States are all Midwestern.) SDSU students experience this, too—the campus focuses on community involvement, giving back and loving what they do.

Positive Reputation

The overall reputation of a college or university can have a big impact on what you get with your education. SDSU lands consistently on the top of national rankings. SDSU was ranked in the top 11% of the 4,300 degree-granting postsecondary institutions in the U.S by Forbes. Brookings has also been voted the best place to live in South Dakota.

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