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DOWNLOAD: The Definitive Dairy & Food Science Career Guide

Interested in a field with impossibly high job placement, impressive starting salaries and virtually endless growth opportunities? Getting into the dairy business might be just the ticket. It’s a reliably strong market with ample career paths.

SDSU_Dairy_Ebook1_Mock_v2.pngBut what does dairy & food science entail exactly? And what can one do with a degree in this major? This guide will walk you through just that – the career opportunities ready and waiting for a dairy science grad once he or she enters the workforce.

The potential positions you might occupy post-graduation include:

  • Plant Manager
  • Product Development
  • Federal Inspector
  • Nutrition Consultant
  • Equipment Specialist
  • And much more

Click the download button below to obtain the guide!

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Download the Dairy & Food Science Career Guide