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SDSU’s Most Lucrative (and Unknown) Majors (Clone) (Clone)


We’ve all heard of the classics—biology, education, music. There are probably plenty of majors in those areas among your group of friends. But what about some of the more out-of-the-box majors at SDSU?

We offer many areas of study you maybe don’t know about (and some that will put some pretty pennies in your pockets post-graduation).

Check out these potential majors of choice right here at SDSU.


Check your thumbs—are they green? Maybe just one of them is? Either way, a major in horticulture might be in your future. Those who like to get their hands dirty can enjoy careers in landscape design, greenhouse production or turf management. 

The Outlook: $64,170 (Median Salary)


Community and Regional Planning

If you find yourself thinking, “There should really be a stop sign here” or “What I wouldn’t give to have a Target closer to my house…” then community and regional planning might be your forte. Build careers in city management, housing and urban development and community design for the “big idea” types.

The Outlook: $69,010 (Average Salary)


Natural Resource Law Enforcement

Think Smokey the Bear—minus the whole bear thing. If you have a passion for taking care of this great wide world of nature, natural resource law enforcement is up your alley. Cultivate a career as a conservation officer, game warden or park ranger for those in search of an outdoorsy day job.

The Outlook: $54,970 (Average Salary)


Dairy Manufacturing

If you’ve ever looked at the dairy case at the grocery store and thought to yourself, “I need to find out how this stuff is made,” dairy manufacturing might be just the ticket. Get started in awesome careers in dairy plant management, product development or inspection to get in on the dairy ground floor.

The Outlook: $45,000-$60,000 (Starting Salary Range)



You’re probably the long-time champion at paper airplane contests. You maybe took apart the toaster a time or two. At the very least, you wore out your dad’s VHS copy of Top Gun. It’s a sign—you’re meant for the aviation department. Start a career in aircraft maintenance, piloting or flight instruction to hit the skies.

The Outlook: $76,150 (Commercial Pilot Median Salary); $60,160 (Aircraft Technician Average Salary)


Apparel Merchandising

You alphabetize your books. That’s normal. But do you also color-code your closet? You may be just special enough for apparel merchandising. Kick off a career in store management, buying or visual merchandising for the fashionably inclined.

The Outlook: $52,270-$64,030 (Median Salary)


The choices don’t end there—you might be surprised how some of those “tried and true” majors you’ve already heard of bring something extra to the table here at SDSU. Get to researching.


Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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