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The Nontrad's Guide to Fast-Track Degrees

Is a four- to six-year degree timeframe not in the cards for you? Do you want to enter the workforce sooner rather than later? Do you know what career you want to pursue and have excess ambition and drive?

A fast-track degree sounds perfect for you. What is a fast-track degree, you ask? Let's review.

What's a 'Fast-Track Degree?'

Depending on the major, you may be able to earn a bachelor's degree in three or less years. That’s the essence of a fast-track program. This allows you to save some money and complete college sooner to start earning money.

The trade-off may involve taking on more coursework each semester or giving up some summer breaks for summer classes—but the payoff is well worth it. If you use your free time industriously and study frequently, it's a definite possibility in many SDSU programs.

If this has you intrigued, here are a few tips to help you out:

1. Transfer Credits

If you took college courses in high school or attended a community college before coming to SDSU, then you will likely be able transfer some credits. Make sure you transfer as many credits as possible, as doing so will give you a better starting position and get some of the general courses out of the way. Plus, you’ll be saving yourself time and money in the long run. 

2. Know What You Want

One of the keys to success in fast-tracking is knowing what you want ahead of time. Switching majors half-way through the program might delay your end goal. Switching majors isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as doing something you love is important, but you can avoid potential academic or financial setbacks in your pursuit of a fast-track degree by doing some research before enrolling.

Look into different career options, and try connecting with professionals before you make a decision on your degree pursuit. You’ll thank yourself later for the advanced preparation.

3. Make Your Fast-Track Degree

Not all colleges will offer an official fast-track or accelerated degree in your desired major. However, SDSU can help you construct your own. Learn your program requirements and class offerings for each semester in advance. Get input from the faculty, work closely with your academic adviser and accomplish your accelerated goals.

With enough preparation, determination and focus, you can earn your bachelor's degree sooner and begin your career.

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