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Making College Work with a Full-Time Job

Are you already employed at a full-time job and pursuing a degree? It’s sometimes stressful, right? Attending class and getting your hours in at work is challenging, and you may feel defeated by your schedule. South Dakota State University (SDState) understands your predicament, and we’ve got a couple tips for you!

1. Take Your Classes Online

Trying to meet 40-hour weeks when you’re taking on-campus classes isn’t always realistic, but working full-time while completing your degree online is. Online courses are flexible and affordable and are a much more feasible solution to accomplishing your goals. Need to finish up an assignment over your lunch hour? Go for it!

Any courses taken online through SDState are also accompanied by Orientation for Online Learners, a program that assists students with navigating their online courses and finding online resources available to them. To get started, check out SDState’s list of online programs.

2. Apply Your Learning to Your Job

Instead of seeing your job and your education as two separate “to-do lists,” find similar qualities that you can relate to each other. If there are new concepts that you are learning in class that apply to your current position, or if you already have a solid background on a class topic because of your job, use that to your advantage. Talk to your professors and your boss about how your education and your job relate to one another, and suggest projects on both ends that tie the two together. Not only will your learning come easier by doing this, but your boss and professors will also appreciate your efforts and hold you in a higher esteem.

3. Check Out South Dakota’s University Centers

The reality of having a full-time position is that you can’t move at the drop of a hat. Maybe you want to have a campus connection while pursuing your education but can’t make the move out to Brookings because of your job. We’ve got a solution for that, too. SDState has three University Centers across the state: Sioux Falls, Rapid City and Pierre. Each center offers in-person classes, tutoring services and their own bookstore. 

Alexis Cushman, sociology major at SDState, has taken both online courses and University Center courses. She talks about the advantages she has experienced through these opportunities. “I don’t have to drive an hour [to Brookings] for class, which makes it easier to have a job and go to school at the same time.”

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