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How to Earn an Environmental Law Certification Online

Are you curious about how food production is regulated, what steps are being taken to create more renewable energy or how to prepare for expanding populations? SDState offers a certification in agriculture and environmental law that answers all of these questions as well as other legal issues regarding the food industry.

Earning a certification could mean a promotion at work, a new job or even a completely new career.

Regional Contribution

Agriculture is incredibly important in South Daktota, given that it contributes $25.6 billion in economic impact to the state each year. Since agriculture has such an important role in our state, regulating its impact on the environment is important as well. This could entail the protection of property, maintenance of water quality and regulation of land use.

Enhancing Your Practice

The agriculture and environmental law certification can enhance your law practice in agriculturally-driven communities by emphasizing your ability to identify environmental law issues and apply credible, legal resources to them. It can also lead to positions with government entities like the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Earn Completely Online

The agricultural and environmental law certification is offered completely online through SDState. However, some courses allow you the option to take them on campus. The certification is composed of 15 credits that cover topics such as defending state farms, protecting natural resources, agricultural contracts and property law.

Get Started

You can find more information on the agricultural and environmental law certification hereor by reaching out to the program contact, Jamie O’Brien, at 605-688-4144 or jamie.obrien@sdstate.edu.

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