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How a General Studies Major Can Impact Your Career

General education graduates have the opportunity to pursue a variety of occupations or continue their academic goals to earn a Master’s degree. General studies and interdisciplinary studies Bachelor's degrees afford online students creative, flexible pathways to career advancement.

Here are some of the ways in which you can attain your general studies degree online and how it might impact your career.

Degree completion

Bachelor's in General Studies

The Bachelor’s in General Studies (BGS) degree offers transfer and returning students the opportunity to complete a program using applicable college credit. In this program, students can tailor their electives to focus on courses specific to diversifying knowledge in their current fields or learning a new vocation.

“I chose to finish my degree online, because I have a wife and five kids—along with my job. The online program allowed me to continue with all of my normal activities, while at the same time being able to finish my degree, something that I have always wanted to do.”

- Wade J., Online Bachelor of General Studies Graduate

The BGS degree can also serve as a bridge for professionals seeking entrance into certain graduate programs. For more information, download the fact sheet or contact the program advisor.

Bachelor's in Interdisciplinary Studies

An alternative to the BGS is a degree in interdisciplinary studies (IDS). This program allows you to earn a Bachelor’s degree, while customizing a plan of study to fit your precise career goals. You collaborate with your advisor to negotiate your class load to fit SDSU’s general education requirements and your own unique disciplinary interests and professional objectives.

“The IDS degree allowed me to diversify my skills. The holistic approach to my program helped me understand all angles of my field of interest—human development and family studies—versus just one area. It gave me an edge over my competitors in the career field.”

- Melissa A., Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies Graduate

There are many approaches to designing your IDS program. For example, if you have an interest in owning your own business, you can pursue coursework in consumer affairs, entrepreneurial studies, finance, leadership and communications to prepare you for the challenges and responsibilities a business owner faces. For more information, download the fact sheet or contact the advisor.

Increased earning potential & career advancement

Graduates holding Bachelor’s degrees have increased earning potential. Unemployment rates are more than two percent lower for undergraduate degree-holders than those with just high school diplomas, and earnings can be as much as $20,000 more annually. 

“Liberal arts and sciences and general studies majors were the top-paid liberal arts majors for the class of 2013, with graduates earning an average starting salary of about $42,000.”

- National Association of Colleges and Employers

The Bachelor's in General Studies or Interdisciplinary Studies provides you with the opportunity to earn your degree while concentrating on courses that will help you stand out in the workforce. Develop communication, critical analysis and problem-solving skills while gaining knowledge to set you apart in your career. 

Personal achievement

Earning a college degree is an accomplishment of which to be proud. The online BGS and IDS degrees are designed to be flexible and affordable so you can go back to school while maintaining your current lifestyle. 

“Taking courses online allowed me to continue working full time in conjunction with finishing my degree. I don’t have to compromise one for the other.”

- Erika K., Online Bachelor of General Studies Graduate

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