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Four Places to Study as an Online Student

Finding the right place to study can be difficult. In order to find that right place, remember to find one where you always feel comfortable. Be aware of your surroundings to help ensure you have 100 percent focus. Noise levels are important to consider when you are studying. Each student prefers different levels of noise in order to concentrate, so take some time to find your happy medium.

Local Coffee Shop

A coffee shop can provide a calm atmosphere where you can sit down and focus on your assignments.

“Sitting at a coffee shop is soothing,” says Bethany Hotchkiss, an online student taking Introduction to Gerontology. “Coffee keeps me energized and focused.”

Studying at a coffee shop gives you the opportunity to spread out your books and work on your computer. Also, what’s better than sipping coffee when you are trying to meet your deadlines?


The library provides an array of resources to help with specific topics, access to rooms for practicing speeches and a quiet environment.

“I like studying at the library because it is quiet,” Hotchkiss says. “Also, I like that there aren’t a lot of people, so it is easier to concentrate.”

Find a spot that best enables your working abilities. This might include a desk, a cubby or a table. Take full advantage of your space and utilize your studying skills.


Sitting in a park offers the opportunity to take in fresh air and focus on assignments.

“Parks make me want to go outside,” says Heather Kirkpatrick, a former online student. “They make me want to be more focused, so I can get my homework done.”

When going to the park, bring a blanket, some snacks and soak in the sun rays. Remember to check the forecast before heading out and wear sunscreen.

At Home/At Work

If finding a quiet place is important to your study habits, try to avoid all distractions.

“I really need it to be quiet to focus 100 percent,” says Casee Ross, an online general studies major. “I actually study in my office on my lunch breaks at work, at home at our kitchen table and anywhere I can be left alone.”

While studying, avoid watching TV and playing on your phone. Instead, use the space you have to get work done. Lay out your notes and textbooks to efficiently study.


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