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An Online Degree in Psychology: What Can I Do with That?

Thinking about getting a bachelor’s degree in psychology but are unsure what type of job it will prepare you for? Don’t you worry. A degree in psychology offers many career paths. Typically, students in this major go to work for human and socials services, but the opportunities are endless. Students end up in array of different careers such as business, law enforcement and human resources.

Here are a few occupations that psychology majors can seek after graduation:

Human Resources Specialist

A human resources specialist specializes in the recruitment process for an organization. They do the interviewing and screening of potential candidates for the new hire process. They may also help with training and employee relations for the organization. Your degree in psychology helps you effectively communicate with co-workers to help with the overall goals of the organization. It also uses the critical-thinking skills gained through your degree to accurately reflect how to react with different situations to enable an organization’s growth.

Public Relations Specialist

When an organization wants to see how consumers react with a brand, your degree in psychology is helpful. The disciplines of the degree help you to gain insight into how people react in various situations. In addition, the goal of a public relations specialist is to create and maintain a client’s public image. This can be obtained through communication efforts learned while obtaining your psychology degree. You can utilize this skill to write press releases, organize media appearances and coach clients on how to maintain or change their image to consumers.

Case Manager

A case manager helps provide advice to people in difficult situations. Your degree in psychology will better help console and comfort these people. The job entails creating recovery plans and working with other health and human service providers to effectively help the person manage a difficult situation. Your critical-thinking skills will come into play while working in this career and help you understand human behavior to effectively help individuals through difficult situations.

Sales Representative

The goal of a sales representative is to sell goods and services to various markets. Many organizations have sales representatives to establish relations with consumers. The job relies heavily on psychology to help understand the wants and needs of the customer. Skills obtained through your psychology degree prepare you to present sales pitches and presentations to reach sales goals for the organization you are working for.


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