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6 Reasons for Finishing Your Degree Online

Are you wanting to finish your degree, but can’t seem to find the time to do it? Whether it be issues with scheduling, distance or a busy lifestyle, it can be difficult to pick back up where you left off. SDSU has incredible online courses in a wide variety of subjects that can help you complete your degree with your own plan in mind.

Here are six reasons why you should finish your degree online through SDSU.

Cut Down Commute Time

Commuting to class can be time consuming, especially if you don’t live in Brookings, not to mention traveling during South Dakota winters. “Taking courses online allows me to spend the time I have focusing on my coursework rather than wasting time on the road and possibly missing classroom time and course material because of bad weather,” says SDSU general studies major Gloria Bauske.

Work Within Your Schedule

In-class courses traditionally have a set itinerary with regular class meeting times and in-class assignments. This set up may not be the best for those who work better in a different atmosphere. SDSU health education major Devann Ellis believes that finishing a degree online is “a lot easier to work around when you have a busy schedule.”

Complete at Any Age

The traditional age of a college student ranges from about 18-23, but this is becoming less and less of the norm among U.S. colleges. Bauske, who took a 12-year break from her studies, will be graduating at the age of 63. She said, “We are never too old to learn.”

Rick Fox, who graduated from SDSU in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in general studies, had a 30-year gap in his education before completing his degree online. “I would certainly recommend [SDSU] to anyone considering going back. The support I received from admissions, distance learning and my instructors was outstanding,” he said.

Avoid Physical Setbacks

For Bauske, neck and back issues interfered with the completion of her degree. A Flandreau resident, Bauske was unable to commute to Brookings or University Center in Sioux Falls because of these issues. “Taking courses online is wonderful because I can take them from home where I have a chair and desk that conform to my neck and back problems.”

Work Remotely

If it is difficult for you to attend SDSU in person, completing your degree online is a convenient alternative. Especially for Fox, who completed his degree from out of state, “I live and work in Minneapolis/St. Paul. I could have finished my degree virtually anywhere, but I wanted to graduate a Jackrabbit!”

Don’t Put Your Life on Hold

Completing a degree can seem daunting when you are already fully immersed in a full-time job and the responsibilities of adult life. Taking online courses allows students to work around those responsibilities, not sacrifice them. “I was busy in other areas of my life. I had two teenage sons still at home and my husband and myself owned a business that we were running,” said Bauske.

Fox also has a busy life and demanding schedule because he is self-employed. He saw completing his degree online as a benefit because he was already “accustomed to setting [his] own schedule and prioritizing [his] work.”

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