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5 Ways to Stay Motivated When Stressed

Sometimes life can get a bit hectic with school, work and life. However, hang in there because there are many students like you. Understand that sometimes it is OK to be stressed. Sometimes you will fail that test. But you know what? It’s OK! No one is perfect. It is perfectly fine to be imperfect. Try some of these tips to help alleviate stress.

1. Exercise

Working out helps relieve stress in many ways. Exercise improves mental health. It causes you to push yourself and to test your physical limits. You can take pride in working out and breaking a sweat. It is a small accomplishment that makes a world of a difference. Even if you work out for 15 minutes, you are striving to make an effort to improve yourself mentally and physically.

2. Make Lists

Lists help show the small accomplishments you make each day. A list maps out all the tasks you need to get done. When you accomplish a task, checking it off your list can make you feel proud. A list will help you stay motivated to keep going and push through your stress.

3. Treat Yourself

Every once in awhile it is OK to treat yourself. Take a break and do something you like. Celebrate that good grade you just got on your last test. Treating yourself once in a while can motivate you to keep working hard in school. It offers a break to do something other than study and work, and it offers an opportunity to destress and refresh your brain.

4. Utilize Your Resources

It is OK to talk to classmates and get their insights on tests, homework and quizzes. They might have some helpful tips on how to study or can offer insight on some of the class content that you may not have understood. Also, utilize your professor. Sometimes in order succeed in a class, you have to admit your struggles. Talk to your professor. Ask them for advice. Sometimes success seems miles away; however, putting in the effort to learn, will help alleviate some stress.

5. Try Something New

Maybe there is a new hobby that you want to try or maybe there is a new recipe you want to make. Being able to give your brain a break, helps you to stay motivated when stressed. Trying something new helps block out stress. And maybe trying something new means trying a new study method or a new way to go about doing homework. Trying something new offers your brain creativity and freedom to learn and grow.

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