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5 Tips for Financial Planning When Online Learning

Managing finances while in school is a challenging yet necessary skill to have, especially as an online learner.

Below are five financial planning tips that cater to the financial situations of online college students.

Ask About Incentive Learning

If you are an employed college student, your employer could potentially offer you tuition help or reimbursement. Companies like Avera McKennan, Esurance, Mayo Clinic and Daktronics offer incentive learning programs that reimburse tuition and even school supplies. Talk to your HR department to see if they offer similar opportunities. 

Apply for Scholarships

Every college student should apply for scholarships before and throughout their college career. SDState offers a variety of scholarships for students of different ages and life situations. A list of these scholarships can be found here. 

Manage Student Loans

Student loans can be acquired through many different sources, but regardless of their origin, it’s important for students to be aware of their loans and consider repayment options while they are still in school. Students can view their current loans via the National Student Loan Data System and map out repayment options via a student loan repayment calculator.

Utilize Student Discounts

For majors that require computer programs, subscriptions can get pricey and sometimes unattainable for college students. The good news is that many of these programs offer discounts to college students! Here are some online discounts offered to students:

Create a Budget

While maintaining a budget is important at any age, it is especially important for college students who are balancing loans in addition to their personal expenses. Here is an excellent resource for college students that allows them to create different budgets that fit specific financial situations.

For more information, resources or contact information, visit our Money Management page.

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