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4 Important Reasons to Pursue a Second Degree

So you’ve attained a degree. But what’s next for your continuing education? Whether you’re in the midst of your career or just finishing up your first college degree, a second degree can be a wise choice for your future. 

Here are four reasons that pursuing a second degree could be the right choice.

Increasing Specialization

One reason to pursue a second degree, whether your field has seen marked changes technologically or your first degree doesn’t carry the weight it once did, is that it increases your specialization in your chosen career. Skill specialization can help you become an expert in your field, which can result in future professional opportunities.

SDSU offers several options for undergraduate and graduate degrees that can be earned online to make this step toward valuable specialization more attainable. Check out the degree options.

Learning New Tricks

Not all fields remain still—in fact, most don’t. That’s why it’s vitally important for your future career path to stay on top of advancements in technology and methodology in your area of study. A graduate degree mid-career can update your skills that may be outdated depending on when you first learned them.

Think about how often the day-to-day practices and methods in fields such as nursing or sociology adjust and change. An online graduate degree is a great solution for a currently employed individual looking to learn some new tricks.

Becoming Your Own Boss

How do you become a leader in your field? While a bachelor’s degree might get your foot in the door of a given industry, a second degree can put you in a managerial or entrepreneurial role more confidently. Say you love working in mass communication but need to learn more about the field in order to start your own publication. Or perhaps your accounting degree doesn’t quite give you enough skills to start your own financial planning business.

An online graduate degree you can earn from the comfort of your home can provide the necessary knowledge and abilities to assume the responsibilities of an industry leader or business owner or founder. 

Increasing Your Earnings

One of the most clear-cut ways a second degree is a wise decision is the potential for a salary bump. The average graduate degree holder earns around $18,000 more annually than the average four-year degree holder. A jump of that size on an annual basis will add up over time and make a second degree worth it in the long run.

With many of SDSU’s online graduate degree programs offering placement rates as high as 100 percent, a second degree can be a valuable investment for your long-term budget. 

You Have Options

No matter your goals, there’s a best-fit option for you within SDSU’s online offerings. If a graduate degree program isn’t something you’re ready to commit to there are undergraduate and graduate certificate programs also available for online students.

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