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3 Dream Careers For a Master of Public Health Degree

You’ve graduated with your Master of Public Health degree. You know the ins and outs of health services, and you’re ready to apply your knowledge to a fulfilling career.

Here are three dream careers that you can pursue with your degree.

Health Informatics Specialist

A career in health informatics is primarily spent analyzing healthcare data and applying that information to medical research. A specialist in this field would also spend their days attending clinical trials, working on genome products and analyzing health trends. Another large responsibility in this career is creating and maintaining statistical protocol. Some specialists may even help train other employees on this protocol, as well. The average income for health informatics specialists is $61,087 per year, but the highest paying jobs are most often found in Chicago at $84,000 per year.

Employers: Food and drug administration clinics and clinical biostatistics organizations

Healthcare Administrator

The top responsibility of healthcare administrators is to manage health-care facilities such as clinics and wellness centers. This includes coordinating client services being offered at the facility, managing health programs, hiring and managing staff, creating and maintain a budget and purchase healthcare equipment. For healthcare administrators, the average income is $96,540 per year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics found the growth rate for this job will grow to 17 percent by 2024. Cincinnati, Ohio, has the largest opportunity for positions in healthcare administration in the United States.

Employers: Hospitals, healthcare facilities, clinics, wellness centers


An epidemiologist’s work centers around disease control and prevention. They monitor a disease as it spreads, look back to its roots to find the original cause(s) and determine possible solutions to slow down or completely stop it. To do this, epidemiologists use a combined skill set of biology, statistics and math. In addition to these responsibilities, they are also tasked with educating others on their findings and teaching disease-prevention practices. While the median income for this career is $63,400 per year, pharmaceutical companies pay up to as much as $92,000 per year. The majority of jobs offered in epidemiology are found in California according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Employers: Health institutes, public health departments, pharmaceutical companies

Sources: Monster, MastersPortal, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 

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