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Why you should get involved while in college

There is no better place to get involved than during your time at college. You are surrounded by hundreds of people walking through the same stage of life who have similar interests as you. This makes it easier to connect and to build lifelong skills. At SDSU there are over 240 student organizations for you to get involved with, the opportunities are endless. Take advantage of this time by immersing yourself in experiences that will benefit your future.


Here are 4 reasons why it is important to get involved while in college.

Build professional skills

By immersing yourself into an organization or experience during college, you will take away skills that can be applied to your professional life. Whether it be joining a club that is specific to your major or studying abroad, these opportunities present experiences to grow. What you take away from these experiences will be as valuable as the lessons you are learning inside the classroom. You will learn skills that apply to your future profession and be better equipped to navigate the “real world.”


Meet industry leaders

Through extracurricular involvement, you will have the chance to meet industry professionals in your areas of interest. These individuals may help you get a job or be a mentor in your industry. There is no better connection to have than someone who has been through the ropes and can help guide you through it. Every student organization on campus has an advisor who can connect you with leaders in your field. Take this opportunity to make connections that will last beyond your college years.


Enhance college experiences

By getting experiences through a student organization, study abroad, volunteering or even a job you will gain skills that cannot be taught in the classroom. These activities allow you to grow with hands-on experiences that are resume booster for future employment. You will take away experiences that bring new friendships, memories and enhanced knowledge for your future. Make the most of your time at SDSU by immersing yourself in the experiences around you.


Learn more about yourself

While you are gaining skills and meeting experiences leaders, you will also be learning more about yourself along the way. To get to know yourself better, you have to try things outside of your comfort zone. Then, you will know what you are truly interested in. This can help you narrow down choosing a major and decipher what you want to do after graduation.


The benefits of being involved while in college far outweigh the contrary and are reason enough to invest in bettering yourself.