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What to do on Spring Break When Everyone is on Vacation

Are all your friends talking about their exciting spring break plans of laying on a beach, soaking up the sunshine and enjoying their time off traveling while you sit here with no plans? Even though you may not be going somewhere tropical or on a ski trip to the mountains, you can still enjoy your time off. Take advantage of the time you have to relax and reset at home. If you’re in need of ideas to avoid having a boring spring break, we’ve gathered them for you.

Relax! Enjoy your time off, that’s what it’s for!

Open that book you bought six months ago but have not had time to read since classes started. Maybe you’ve been collecting a ‘to read’ list and you’re just waiting for a minute to start checking them off. Now is a perfect time!

Everyone is talking about the latest and greatest shows on Netflix, but you’ve been too swamped to sit down on the couch and watch them. Now’s your shot! Once you hit play there is no reason to hit pause until you’ve binge-watched the whole series (except maybe to grab a snack now and then).

Are late-night study sessions adding up? Take your time off to catch up on sleep! No need to set an alarm, the day is yours and you can spend it in your pajamas.

Do you have a have a hobby that gets put on the back burner during the school year? Fill your free time by investing in your hobbies and enjoying the time you have to complete them. If you don’t have one, now is a great time to try something new. Did you see a craft or recipe on Facebook that you saved for later but haven’t gotten around to doing? Have you wanted to try something new such as a start a blog or vlog? What better time than spring break?


You don’t have to go halfway around the country to enjoy your break traveling.

Check out the local shops in your town, you may stumble upon your new favorite place and it’s only minutes from your home. If you want to get away from your town, make a trip to the Mall of America or a place similar. The big city has plenty to offer and the trip will give you that same freedom of traveling for your break.

Get ahead

Staying home over break puts you at an advantage over those who have decided to spend money and travel. Instead, you can get ahead on school work to make the last half of the semester a breeze. Is your bank account looking empty? While you might not think working is the best way to spend spring break, you will thank yourself later having more money in the bank. Your traveling friends will return from their expenditures feeling behind on laundry and school, and out of money. They’ll be jealous they didn’t make the smart choice of staying home and getting ahead.

De-stress and Reset

Spring break was made for students to get a BREAK.

So take advantage of the fact that you have decided to spend your break at home resetting for the final half of the semester. Invest your free time doing things that help you de-stress and recharge. Your future self will thank you!