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Upcoming Events: 5 Opportunities to Experience Other Cultures

Students at South Dakota State University (SDSU) and community members young and old have ample opportunities over the next couple months to experience the cultures of a variety of other countries. 

Check out some of these upcoming events worth investigating in the near future.

Africa Night (Feb. 19)

The Africa Students Association on campus will be hosting Africa Night Feb. 19, which will offer a chance to learn more about African culture, including this year’s theme, “African Women in the Developing World.” Attendees will experience traditional African food, dance, fashion and culture.

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India Night (Feb. 26)

The Indian Students Association on campus will be hosting India Night Feb. 26, which will provide participants with immersion in Indian culture through discussion, traditional music and cuisine.

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How to Attend:

Tickets can be purchased at the Office of International Affairs & Outreach
Cost: $15 (Adults), $10 (Students), $5 (Children)
Location: Briggs Library, Suite 119, Brookings, SD
Questions: Call (605) 688-4122

Additional Events Coming Soon

Additional Events Coming Soon

Bangladesh Night (March 26)

The Bangladesh Student Association (BDSA) at SDSU welcomes visitors to learn about a thousand-year-old culture rich in heritage, arts and delicious cuisine.

Saudi Arabia Night (TBD)

The Saudi Students Club at SDSU will present a night of Saudi culture, including dance, music and food on a yet-to-be-determined date. Stay tuned for more information coming as spring gets closer!

Sri Lanka Night (TBD)

The Sri Lankan Student Association on campus will be hosting a night displaying the rich heritage of the Sri Lankan people on a date to be set soon—the event will include a demonstration of cultural highlights, including history, music and food.