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Staying Connected to Home Without Missing Out

Going to college means being away from home and the people who have shaped your life thus far. During your first few weeks away, you will have feelings of homesickness set in. Whether you are an hour or more away, a part of you will miss pieces about home. But don’t fret, we have tips to help you stay connected to home without feeling like you’re missing out.

Phone calls

You have probably heard this before, but home is only a quick phone call away. At any time you begin feeling homesick you can pick up your phone and dial home. Your friends and family will always be happy to see your name pop up on their phone. FaceTime and Google Hangout also offer a way to see your loved one’s faces in real-time. Getting to not only hear their voice but also see their face will make you feel closer to home. The more you stay in contact with home the easier it is to feel connected to those you are missing.  


Send letters

While this may seem like a thing of the past, letters make touching impacts on those your missing. Receiving a letter in the mail is a more personal way to stay connected to those back home. You can personalize these items with your handwriting, pictures and other small reminders of those your missing. It also makes checking your mailbox at school more exciting because you are waiting for something meaningful to arrive.


Post life updates on social media

A trend on social media these days is to update your friends and family with life updates. When you make big milestones such as starting college, acing an exam, running a marathon, starting a job or any other exciting events in your life you can always update your social media. When you post about these exciting events you will feel the love from comments of those who are proud to see what’s happening in your life. Make it a habit to reach out to others about updates in their life too.   


Tell stories

Those who care about your life want to hear every detail. They want to hear both the good and the bad. You can tell stories of your new friends, how you were late to your first class, the fun activities you’ve gotten to partake in and any other details since the last time you talked to them. Making them feel connected to you will elicit meaningful conversations that make it feel as though they are not as far away.  


Go home for breaks

Plan out trips back home over long weekend and holidays. This gives you something to look forward to and makes the countdown home go faster. It also lessens that feeling of homesickness because you know you will get to see them soon. Make plans when you are home to visit with all those you have been missing and to set time aside for your loved ones.



Placing reminders throughout your home away from home will make you smile every time you see them because they remind you of home. Hang up photos of family and friends in your residence hall room, in your car, or use them as backgrounds on your phone and computer. Whenever you are missing them you can look at pictures to remind you of the good times you spent together.