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Res Hall Gourmet, Ep. 2: Jack's Pretzel Bites

The holidays are upon us, and the snack factor this time of year is at its peak. But if you need some quality sweets, we're here to help you out.
Yep, it's another episode of Res Hall Gourmet—your opportunity to try the boundaries of your culinary abilities with basic ingredients and little to no effort.
In this episode, you'll create your own version of a holiday classic that fulfills both your chocolate quotient, as well as your caramel void. (Add to that the salty kick of a pretzel round, and you are set for a sweet night in.)
Give the video above a play to get started! Recipe details are included below.

Jack's Pretzel Bites

  1. Place round pretzels on a microwaveable plate
  2. Add Rolos to centers of pretzels
  3. Heat about one minute in microwave
  4. Cover with a dab of frosting and an M&M apiece
  5. Bask in the seasonal goodness