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Res Hall Gourmet, Ep. 5: Eggs in a Cup

If you’re grabbing a quick breakfast in your room before classes, it doesn’t have to be just cold cereal or granola bars. Protein and hot breakfast are in your near future if you play your cards (and your eggs) right.
We're back—it's Res Hall Gourmet—your roadmap for culinary semi-excellence using just the highly rudimentary and attainable ingredients you can pick up on campus.
In this episode, it's time to revolutionize your morning routine—eggs in a cup. Scramble yourself a dish best served hot next time you need eats first thing after crawling out of bed.
Give the video above a play to get started! Recipe details are included below.

Eggs in a Cup

  1. Crack two eggs and pour two tablespoons of milk into microwavable cup
  2. Stir with folk until yolks are broken
  3. Heat 1:30 in microwave
  4. Enjoy your two-minute breakfast

Pro tip: Try throwing in some shredded cheese or bacon bits or topping with some black pepper for a little extra oomph.