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Res Hall Gourmet, Ep. 1: "Baked" Apples

It's late. You're hungry. All sources of food around campus are closed for the night. Luckily, you've got a few random items scattered around your room that just might make for an actual meal (or something resembling one).
That's where this first episode of Res Hall Gourmet comes in—it's a chance for you to test your creativity and skills with some pretty rudimentary tools and some very minimal ingredients.
In this outing, it's dessert time. Give microwave "baked" apples a go—it's the seasonably cinnamony goodness your tastebuds need on your late-night study break. (Plus, the smell isn't too shabby, so your floormates will thank you for the pleasant aroma.)
Dive into the video above to get started! Or see below for the complete recipe.

"Baked" Apples

  1. Chop one apple into slices
  2. Top with (appropriate) amount of cinnamon
  3. Microwave for 60 seconds
  4. Give it a second to cool before devouring ravenously