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New Year, New Me

Each new year comes with an opportunity to make positive changes and set goals. It’s also the start of a new semester. Often times, we don’t realize that our personal goals go hand in hand with academic success. Are you ready to start fresh?

Here are our top five resolutions to consider in 2020:

Eat Healthier

SDState Dining Services strives to provide healthy meals for all Jackrabbits. You can find fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins and nonfat dairy options at several dining locations. It also provides a variety of vegetarian or vegan choices.
Enjoying cooking yourself? Try meal prepping and make easy-to-grab snacks to take with you to class. The internet is filled with plenty of recipes for everyone.

Try Something New

Broaden your horizons—join a club on campus, sign up for a class outside of your discipline or make a new friend. SDState is the perfect place to experiment, meet new people and get out of your comfort zone. In other words, just do it.

Get Enough Sleep

Most adults need at least seven hours of sleep. College years are known for being sleep-deprived due to being overloaded with activities and work tasks. It’s important to recharge and rest your mind as a college student. The number of hours you have slept can affect your alertness and energy level throughout the day.

Bring Up Your Grades

A new semester can be a good time to boost your GPA and build relationships with your professors. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and take advantage of office hours to visit with your instructors. They love seeing improvement over time. Most importantly, figure out how you learn best. Use a planner to schedule your study sessions ahead of your upcoming exams.

Keep in Touch

Students tend to get busy and often times forget to keep in touch with those who matter the most outside of the university life—parents, friends and family. This should not be a chore. A few personal messages here and there could put a smile on their faces.


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