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How to Build Your Network While in College

They say that finding the right job is about “who you know.” At SDSU, the potential to make these valued connections is plentiful. The SDSU community is full of intelligent, professional individuals who could be catalysts for your future profession. One of the best times to capitalize on growing your network is during your time at college. At SDSU there are plenty of opportunities to do so.


With over 220 different student organizations offered on SDSU’s campus the ability to find a club of your interest is simple. From clubs related to your major, volunteerism, professional development or sports, there is something for everyone. While you are enjoying spending time dedicated to these activities, you are also expanding your connections. The other members of these clubs will become your peers, friends and mentors.

Students in your major

Getting to know other students in your major is a great connection that can turn into a resource. Not only can you help each other navigate college courses, but you can also relate to job searching or dreaming of a future in your profession. You may realize a trend of having several consecutive classes with these people as you proceed in your major. Make an effort to get to know the people in your classes and they will become some of your greatest connections throughout college.


Professors are your number one resource when it comes to excelling in courses. They want to see you succeed, but they also have to see you put in the effort. While at first intimidating, going into their office hours will make a lasting impression. They will better understand who you are and appreciate you for taking the time to get to know them. When they see your dedication to their class, they develop positive rapports that can be used to speak on behalf of your character. Professors make great references for future jobs and are trusty resources to navigating professional life. 


Navigating college is not an easy feat on your own. Getting to know your advisor and using them to their fullest ability will be a tremendous resource during college. These individuals are experts in advising you in any area. Whether it be about classes, finding a job or life in general they will help you through it. Even after you move on from college, they want to see you succeed.


The connections you make outside of your college environment will also serve as connections for your future. Your networking map expands from jobs, internships, job shadowing and other activities you invest time in. Getting first-hand experience in the field of your interest will put you a step ahead the rest. Bosses and coworkers can speak towards your characteristics and skills that would make you the perfect candidate for a future job.  


All the people mentioned above are valued connections to make, but your closest friends may be one of the most important. These individuals will help you through the highs and lows and be your number one supporters when it comes to navigating life. They will speak to the type of person you are and spread good words to others. Keeping a close circle of the people who will always have your back is important to remember at any stage of life.


At SDSU new connections are made every day through experiences on and off-campus. There is no better time to expand your network and grow the number of supporters who will encourage and advice through the next stage of life.