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College Life | Undergraduate

Looking Toward Graduation

Isabelle Masloski is a senior consumer affairs major from Sioux Falls. She is graduating in December.

While you may not be at the same stage of college as I am, no matter what path you are on, you will probably experience a similar route. We all go through the motions during our years in college and sooner than later you are nearing graduation. As I near the end of my undergraduate years and look forward to what is to come, I’m here to recap the last four and one-half years and give you advice on how to navigate what is next.


My freshman year was a time of exploration ... exploring who I was and who I was to become. I did this by getting myself involved in every opportunity that I was presented. I joined a sorority when I knew nothing about Greek Life, made the cheerleading squad and spent my time building relationships and focusing on building myself. Sooner rather than later, I found myself fully immersed in the college experience.


Like many, I changed my major a handful of times and didn’t find my fit until the start of my junior year. While the path to get there may have set me behind, I could not be happier with the path I had taken to get there. By getting involved in those extracurricular activities, I held a role as the vice president of public relations for the College Panhellenic Council my sophomore year. Here, I discovered my passion for social media, advertising and digital creation. This led to a job with a nonprofit, where I further discovered my passion for marketing. With a combination of my drive to own my own business and love for marketing, I picked up a major in consumer affairs and double minors in marketing and advertising.


I was not in a rush to get out of college because I was truly enjoying my time exploring who I was going to become. I took this extra semester to explore where I might want to start my next chapter. In all honesty, if I didn’t have to pay for college, I would probably stick around forever. The relationships I have made and the lessons I have learned have proven far more valuable than any part of my life before. Sometimes you can truly feel when you are living in the “good times.”


While many of my friends moved on after graduation in May, my journey was a little different. I stuck around and will graduate in December. This last semester has taught me the most out of them all. It taught me that no matter where I end up next, the relationships that I have made during these four and one-half years will always be there. These people will always have my back and will always be cheering me on. No matter what your undergraduate path looks like or where life after graduation takes you, you will always have people encouraging you every step of the way.  


-- Isabelle Masloski