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If You're Having Trouble With Your Roommate

There are times when it’s tough to get along with a roommate. One option to try to work through that at South Dakota State is the roommate agreement.

While it’s not of the same detail of an agreement drafted by Sheldon Cooper of “The Big Bang Theory,” this roommate agreement is created with help from the roommates and SDState residence hall staff. The process starts with a discussion on what each student wants in a roommate and wants out of spending time in the residence hall.

After that meeting, the students then get some time to work things out. If that time doesn’t allow things to work themselves out, students are given opportunities to move to another room. The residence hall staff knows there’s a big difference with getting along with someone and getting along with someone when they’re your roommate.

Regardless of the situation, the residence hall staff is available to talk about it and try to find the best solution to help one succeed at SDState.

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