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Get Moving: 5 Tips for Staying Active on Campus (in the Winter)

It’s winter. The weather outside is colder and health and wellness may be forgotten in favor of the warmth of your res hall room with thick blankets and hot chocolate.

Luckily SDSU offers ample opportunities to stay active, even during these chilly coming months.

Indoor Fitness 

If you're most inclined to stay indoors once the weather turns chilly, the fitness doesn't come to an end. In fact, the Wellness Center on campus hosts open hours and classes throughout the season, including water aerobics, kickboxing and yoga. And even if you're more inclined toward activities such as rock-climbing, running, weightlifting or swimming, the Wellness Center has you covered. Check it out for yourself.

Outdoor Activities 

With a warm coat, hat and mittens and a nice, sunny day, some outdoor winter activities are in the cards with a quick trip to the Wellness Center. Students can rent outdoor gear, including equipment for winter sports such as snowshoeing. Get your gear.


We all love some outdoor intramurals. But when the weather turns, all that goes by the wayside, right? Nope. Get in on some indoor intramurals during the wintertime once basketball kicks off in January. (And if you can brave the colder weather, broom hockey is a great way to burn some calories—play happens in January/February.) Click here for signup info.

Peer Health Educators

Not everyone has the motivation to stay fit, especially when your instinct is to hibernate for the colder months. Luckily, there's a student organization made for promoting fitness and wellness among the student body. Helping Everyone Reach Optimal Health (HEROH) even has peer health educators who can give you advice and tips on positive, healthy decision-making. Check it out.

Power Walking 

If you are someone who likes to take a walk now and again, there are indoor opportunities on campus during the winter months. Did you know that 22 laps around Bailey Rotunda is equal to two miles, or that you can walk the same distance with 11 laps around Bailey Rotunda and Wagner Hall? The Barn offers similar opportunities, as well. Click here for more info.