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Things to Do in Your First Week on Campus

The first week of a new school year is a time to connect with old friends, make new ones and soak up the last few days of summer before classes begin. To make the most of it, we have rounded up some ways to spend your first week at SDSU.

See old friends and discover new ones

The first week on campus is a great time to meet old and new friends. You can catch up or look forward to new friendships. Either way, it is a time to make connections. Everyone will be in the same position, looking to develop friendships that may last beyond their college years. Start with a good first impression as you never know where you will run into these individuals down the road. You might even discover you have a lot more in common with the people in your residence hall or classes than you would have thought.


Unpack and organize

This is the time to make your space feel like home. You will spend a lot of time in your residential room so get things organized and make your space feel comfortable. This way when you are tired at the end of a school week (or day?) you have a place to relax.


Visit the bookstore

Many classes require textbooks for studying outside of class, class discussion or preparing for exams. The sooner you can get these books, the sooner you can start to prepare. The SDSU Bookstore sells all required course textbooks. You can find these in the basement of the bookstore labeled by the course name. Some books sell out quickly so it’s best to buy them sooner rather than later. You can also buy new Jacks gear to show off your Jackrabbits pride.


Explore campus

Before classes begin, this would be a good time to find out where the buildings and rooms of your courses are located. Take a look at the campus map and walk to find your classrooms before the first day. This will help you avoid getting lost and possibly being late to your first day of class. This is also a great time to explore all the amenities offered to students on campus. Check out the SDSU Wellness Center, dining options, the student health clinic or the Coughlin Campanile.


Attend events

The campus will soon be busy with activities happening day in and day out. The first week of classes brings with it MEET STATE and a plethora of fun events. These include a picnic, block party, dance and more. This is also a great time to attend meetings and explore your options for getting involved in one of 240-plus student clubs and organizations. The Student Engagement Expo is a great place to get to know the organizations on campus.


Explore Brookings

SDSU is located in Brookings, which offers a welcoming community for all students. Many businesses offer discounts when you show your student ID. Explore the beautiful parks, shops downtown and activities to take part in when touring Brookings.


Take in the summer air

Classes are starting up and that means the end of summer is quickly approaching. Take in as much of that warm summer air by spending time outside. Whether it be going for a walk on campus, reading a book, hanging out with friends or doing homework, move these activities outside and soak up the last of the summer sun.


When your schedule starts to get busy you will thank yourself for spending your first week on campus investing in yourself and preparing for the year ahead.

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