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6 Emotions Every College Freshman Feels During the First Week

The start of freshmen year brings on many emotions. During a time of many changes, you will experience a roller coaster of feelings. Do not fret, because you are not alone. Your peers are experiencing the same emotions. Here are six emotions that every first-year student is feeling during their first week on campus. 







You now getting the freedom to roam as you please. You no longer have your parents waiting at the door for you to get home or tracking your every move. It is now up to you to navigate your choices. You may feel excitement to finally be on your own with your own space. This is your chance to discover yourself, set goals, change the world and make lifelong memories. These will be some of the most exciting moments of your life, so take them in. It can only go up from here. 


First-class nervousness










It is common to feel nervous about your first day of classes. Many first-year students wonder how they will find their classes, what their studying routine should look like and how they will like their professors. These jitters quickly disappear after the first week of classes. You will become comfortable navigating your way to class, find a balanced study routine and even get to know your professors. Talk to your fellow students in your classes and ask if they are having the same feelings. You'll probably find you're not alone. It may comfort other students when they realize their peers also have first day of class nerves.









Anyone who moves to a brand new place, that is far from everything they've known, will feel a moment of uncertainty. But on the other side of this emotion is the feeling of accomplishment. You have just started the journey to a new chapter of your life and the reward is far bigger than that small moment of uncertainty. It's OK to be uncertain of the future; college is a great time to figure out what your next step will be. 










This may be your first time moving away from your friends and family and with that will come the feeling of homesickness. But friends and family are only a quick call away. Keep an open mind. New friends who feel like family will quickly fill this void. The more open you are to making connections during your first year on campus, the more at home you will feel. Live with an open-door policy and get to know others in your residence hall. Join a club and meet people with similar interests or get to know the people in your classes. There is not an easier time to connect with new people than in college. And remember home is only a few heel clicks away.


A sense of belonging






As you begin to feel more comfortable toward the end of your first week on campus, you will get a sense of belonging. It may take longer than the first week, but once you find your people, you will know you belong. By getting involved early on, this sense of belonging will reach you sooner. Look on Jacks Club Hub for a group of your interest and attend events. Go to campuswide events and mingle with other students; use the first week of class as a time to find your place at SDSU. There is a place for everyone here, you just have to find it.









The pride of being a Jackrabbit will be flowing through your veins by the end of the week. You will see the way alumni, professors, staff and community members wear their SDSU gear and you will quickly adapt this same sense of pride. Being part of the Jackrabbits family is a worthy honor and with it comes a special connection that only those apart of the university can fully understand. Carry your pride with you from your first week on campus and all the way through your days after graduation.

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