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Dear Younger Me — Study Habits Matter

Sydney Smith is a junior journalism major from Redfield with minors in political science and communication studies. She has been involved with the student newspaper, The Collegian, and Journalism Club.

I naively started college thinking I could cruise through my next four years the same way I did in high school. I soon realized that was not the right mindset and am entering my third year of college with some better habits. Here are a few tips for incoming Jackrabbits I wish someone gave me.

Dear Younger Me …form solid time management skills early.

Time is very valuable in college but can also be easily lost. Forming time management skills early in the school year will be very helpful for managing tough schedules and trying to enjoy college outside of studies.

I’ve been told to approach school like a business day—stay focused on your work, like homework or class, for a certain number of hours, like 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. After dedicating that much time to all things school-related, the rest of the day is now open for anything else. Whatever time management style you choose, be sure to stick by it throughout the school year.

Dear Younger Me … adopt good study habits.

Study habits are equally as important in college as time management skills. It takes a bit of trial and error to figure out what works best for you but discovering that early is key. Decide if your notes will be handwritten or typed. Find the perfect study environment to grind out assignments. Pick whatever tactics help make you successful and don’t be afraid to change if they stop working. Adapt to what is the best fit for you.

Dear Younger Me … make connections with faculty.

SDSU faculty members truly want to help you succeed and reach your goals during college and beyond. Making connections with them, whether personally or professionally, gives you the chance for different beneficial opportunities in school and your career. Faculty in your major can be a great building block toward getting involved in your field and creating professional relationships. Having someone to talk portfolios, internships or jobs with is very important.

Welcome to college life, Jackrabbits! Your time here will be filled with countless lessons, friends and memories that will last a lifetime. Keep these tips in mind while venturing through college and always remember to enjoy yourself.

Go Big. Go Blue. Go Jacks!

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