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Creating your “home” away from home

During your first two years at South Dakota State University, it’s likely you will live on campus in one of our residence halls. University apartments are available to upperclassmen, giving those students the opportunity to continue living on campus, if they wish.

If you haven’t lived in a residence hall before, you may have some questions about what to bring and how to set up your new space. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

What’s already there?

Basic furniture is provided in every residence hall room. Each student will have a desk, desk chair, dresser, a bed that can be lofted and a twin XL mattress. The room will also have one trash can and one recycling bin.

Some students decide to bring additional furniture and appliances, depending on their preferences and what space is available. It’s important to plan accordingly for the space, though, so check out your room and furniture dimensions before coming to campus.

Ben Reifel, Hyde, Honors, Mathews and Schultz halls are all carpeted, while other spaces are tiled. If you have a tile flooring, you might consider bringing in rugs to warm up the space.

Each room has at least one window, and though sizes may vary, all windows provide natural light to the space and have blinds or coverings.

Unsure how to arrange your new space? View possible arrangements to take out the guesswork of moving.

What should I bring?

There are a few essentials students need to bring to ensure they are comfortable in their new home. Twin XL bedding—sheets, comforters and pillows—are a must. Bath towels, toiletries, shower shoes and a caddy to carry it all are great additions to your shopping list.

Similar to the home you live in now, there will be chores. Be sure to put basic cleaning supplies on your list. Paper towels, window cleaner and disinfectant sprays or wipes can go a long way to keep things clean. Each residence hall has laundry facilities, making laundry baskets, bags, detergent and dryer sheets a necessity.  

TVs, futons, love seats, chairs, mini fridges, printers and entertainment centers are other popular items students like to bring. If you have a roommate, speak with them about what items you would like to have in the room and visit about splitting the extras so you don’t double up and clutter the space.

Have more questions? Visit this page for a complete list of what to bring.

Be sure to leave these at home.

Some items, no matter how neat or convenient, are not allowed in the residence halls. Extension cords, pizza ovens, hot plates, space heaters, candles and sun lamps are not permitted. If you have a question about a certain item, contact Residential Life to see if you can bring it when you move in.

We can’t wait to welcome you to campus, Jackrabbits! Moving into a residence hall is exciting, so enjoy the process and take time to adjust to your new home at SDState.

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