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feature image of Rabbit Food article

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9 Late-Night SDSU Happenings You Need to Try

You spend your day on campus attending classes, grabbing some food, attending rehearsals and practices and—of course—booking some study sessions with your fellow students.

But once the sun goes down, what’s there to do at SDSU and in the community beyond? Here are nine such happenings you should give a try.

Hall Goings-On

Endless entertainment might not be very far away when you live on campus. The residence halls each offer their own unique late-night events put on by the hall staff. Talk to your neighbors or look for signage in the lobby—you could hit up an evening movie marathon or even run across some awesome free eats.

Caffeine Fix

We’ve all been there—you’re starting to drift and that term paper isn’t going to write itself. Luckily a caffeine fix in the evening hours is totally possible on campus. Head on over to Union Coffee, as late as 9 p.m., any day of the week to get a cup of your favorite specialty drink.

Snack Attack

That craving cannot be denied—sometimes you straight up need snacks. Luckily you don’t have to exit the campus area to get your fix. The One-Stop Rabbit Shop at Hansen Hall is open weeknights until 9 p.m., and the Larson Commons location stays open until 1 a.m., Monday through Thursday.

Spirit of Competition

If physical activity is more your speed, there are plenty of options for friendly competition at the Wellness Center in the evening time, by way of intramurals and club sports. The spring, for example, brings evening volleyball, dodgeball and bowling leagues. Check out upcoming schedules here.

Seasonal Scares

If your favorite October pastimes involve being rattled to the core, there are seasonal scares available to you courtesy of the Haunted Trail at McCrory Gardens. The event takes place in the fall and offers up the chance to walk the gardens at night with some spooky ambiance. Stay tuned for this year’s scheduled dates once the new school year starts.

Musical Entertainment

If you want to kick back and let someone else do the entertaining for you, there are several evening opportunities for live entertainment on campus. The Woodbine Series is in full swing and brings concerts to SDSU every school year. Check out this year’s schedule of events.

Sing (or Swim) Your Heart Out

If you’re up to venturing off-campus there are some great chances to get your sing (or swim) on in Brookings. If karaoke is your jam, try out the Ground Round to belt your lungs out. And a word to the wise for swimming in Brookings—SDSU students get a discounted rate on Thursday nights at the Splashzone Water Park at Days Inn. Grab a suit and enjoy the benefits of being Jackrabbits!

Safety First

Whatever you’re doing around campus late at night, it’s good to know that you have a ride in case you need it. The Safe Ride Home program offers up rides through 2:30 a.m., from various locations around campus and around Brookings. Know your options when it comes to arriving safely home!

Hobo Day Shenanigans

While some of the most well known Hobo Day traditions take place in the daylight—from the parade to the football game—there are plenty that happen after nightfall during Hobo Day week. Don’t forget to hit up the Bum-Over, Hobo Night Live and the Hobo Day Dance in the fall.