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6 Ways to Accomplish Your New Year's Resolution in Brookings

So you took the plunge and gave yourself a New Year's resolution for the upcoming year. But how do you get started on making it a reality? Resolutions can be tough to uphold, but there are many ways to make them happen here on SDState's campus and into the Brookings community.

Here are some great local answers to some of the most common resolutions.

Get Fit

The classic resolution—getting in shape. It's an easy one to get started on here on SDState's campus, thanks to the Wellness Center. Grab some time on the climbing wall to build up some upper-body strength, get some all-around fitness in thanks to the Wellness Center pool or add an air of competition by participating in some intramurals. And if accountability in your fitness is important to you, the Wellness Center also offers group classes throughout the school year. 

Get Some Fresh Air

If you gave yourself a resolution to spend more time outdoors, you're in luck—Brookings has plenty of activities built around being outside in nature. Take McCrory Gardens, for one—it's located right here on the SDState campus and it features 25+ acres of botanical gardens, in addition to an arboretum. Not only is it an awesome spot for a walk (and some photo ops), but you can't get much purer air on an outdoor adventure than a space filled with oxygen-creating plants! If you're looking for some year-round fresh air, though, there's no better spot in Brookings than the Dakota Nature Park, where you can take in some snowshoeing, skiing and skating even during the colder months.

Eat Health-Consciously

You may have promised to make an effort to eat more healthily in the new year—if so, Brookings features a few potential places to improve your eating habits. If you're after organic, health-conscious foods, Nature's Paradise just south of campus features allergen-free eats, as well as vitamin supplements (and even organic skin and haircare products). Or if you're hitting up HyVee for some groceries for the weekend, make a stop in the Health Market section of the store to find some eco-friendly and healthier alternatives for your upcoming study snacks and late-night cravings.

Healthy options are popping up every day on campus, too. You can spot a similar, fresh-market-style area in the Larson Commons C-Store. And more and more healthy dining options are becoming available all the time in the cafeteria. Check out this video from campus wellness coordinator coordinator and registered dietitian Mariah Weber on finding food on campus to fit your dietary needs.

Expand Your Horizons

If you made a commitment in this new year to expand your view of the world and bring more culture into your daily life, there is a multitude of activities both on campus and off to enjoy. Check in with the Office of Multicultural Affairs or the Office of International Affairs at SDState—each hosts events and speakers throughout the school year that offer insight into people from other parts of the world, including music, food and everyday life. The South Dakota Art Museum is also housed on campus, for those in search of some fine arts appreciation, and the Agricultural Heritage Museum is available for history buffs. If you're looking to venture off campus, the Children's Museum of South Dakota also offers thrills for people of all ages—including opportunities to volunteer.

Spend Quality Time

You may have pledged to spend more time with your close friends and family this year—so if you're planning a get-together with your loved ones here in Brookings, there are plenty of annual gatherings to take advantage of. The Brookings Summer Arts Festival is a great example of a regular, yearly event that offers plenty to do for the weekend—from food and refreshments, to music and entertainment, to shopping and items from local and area artists.

Go Green

What about those of you who simply want to be more eco-friendly this coming year? Brookings is a great city for making this happen. The Brookings Sustainability Council is a group aimed at making Brookings a greener place to live through advocacy and education. And if you're a fan of biking, the Brookings Bicycle Master Plan is currently in review with the local government—take a look for yourself, and see how you can help make the city a more bike-friendly community in its transportation options.

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