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Study Abroad

3 Ways to Kick Off Your SDSU Study Abroad Experience

Studying abroad is a transformational learning experience. Immersing yourself in another country and culture transforms your worldview and intellectual approach to academic lessons, as well as expands your mindset of what is possible in college and beyond in your future career. SDSU works with multiple study abroad providers and hosts many faculty-led program options for students ready to learn beyond their college campus. 

These options are perfect for students new to international experiences.

“I chose SDSU because of all the opportunities the university would offer me. Studying abroad was definitely at the top of the list for necessities.”

 - Destinie M., Mannheim, Germany, 2015, and Internship, Berlin, Germany, 2016 

Pre-Freshman Seminar

Pre-Freshman Seminar Abroad cultivates student awareness of their emerging roles and responsibilities through a common intellectual experience. The program takes place during the summer between students’ high school graduation and the start of SDSU's school year. Recent graduates who are admitted, first-year SDSU students explore intriguing topics in small, active learning environments in an international location.

All programs include a few days on the SDSU campus as an orientation to the academic course content and an orientation for going abroad. The group will travel together, depart from the SDSU campus for the airport and then go abroad. Pre-Freshman Seminar incorporates academic work designed specifically for first-year students. They will analyze events in the chosen locations and consider the resulting effects on the land, people and governments. These programs connect first-year students to experiences that will impact their own college careers and fields of study.

“My transition to SDSU was greatly impacted, because I will constantly be looking for the beauty in people, places and situations. I will try to be a more positive person, because I have seen what troubles others in the world have gone through. I am humbled by this experience to learn of such horrible events, personal stories and the beauty in everything. I hope I can share Ireland’s past with my friends and peers to get them more involved and to prevent further troubles or similar situations.”

 - Ashley L., Pre-Freshman Seminar in Ireland

In addition to the academic and cultural immersion, these Pre-Freshman Seminars give students opportunities to connect before beginning college. Students participate in life-changing experiences together that lay the foundation for friendships built on intellectual engagement and the broadening of multicultural ideals. Options for 2016 and 2017 seminars included Ireland and Germany. 

Honors Excursions

Students who embark on the annual Fishback Honors College Study Abroad expedition have the opportunity to explore a new country each summer. The journey includes a multi-disciplinary academic focus to enhance the scholarly engagement in each country. In 2015, the emphasis of the Ethos of Honors program to Greece highlighted philosophy, history and theology. The Galapagos Islands program in 2016 studied ecology, biodiversity and environmental conservation. This summer’s Kiss Me I’m Honors Ireland cohort focus included English, history and religion of the Emerald Isle.

“I liked that the trip was interdisciplinary, and I got to connect with students outside of my major. The whole experience was eye-opening and helped me understand my world and take into consideration different aspects when I'm making decisions. For me, it solidified the importance of breaking out of comfort zones and embracing new experiences.”

 - Allyson L., Honors Abroad in Athens, Greece

Fishback Honors College Study Abroad programs are not limited to Honors College students. To learn more about upcoming programs, contact the SDSU Study Abroad Advisor. 

Faculty-Led Programs

SDSU faculty-led programs provide unique opportunities for students to study and learn alongside their professor(s) and classmates to enhance understanding in their fields of study. These shorter programs help make study abroad more accessible to students with demanding academic situations and are also often more affordable. Just a few of our programs include:

Those with little or no travel experience may feel more comfortable engaging internationally with SDSU colleagues at their side. Faculty-led programs ensure students have access to an SDSU instructor to help them navigate their new surroundings and answer questions about diverse cultural experiences.

SDSU’s Study Abroad Advisor will work with you one-on-one to help you find the perfect international experience to fit your unique budget, interests and career goals. Click here to contact advisor Briana Litz to get started!