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Study Abroad

How to Study Abroad in Multiple Countries

Students with wanderlust want to see the world—not just one country. SDSU partners with CIEE, an international study abroad organization that offers more than 200 programs that include travel, study and internships in more than one location.

Multisite programs promote student engagement in many cultures to explore diverse worldviews. Here's what makes it worth your while.

Learn and live in more than one city

Multisite programs provide students education through a cross-cultural perspective as they learn in and out of the classroom and in different cities. Each location offers unique lifestyles, customs and sightseeing to amplify the sensory experiences of travel abroad.

“CIEE provided a really unique study experience where I could move sites during my time abroad. This really appealed to me, because I was so interested in seeing as much of Europe as possible. They also have really good scholarship opportunities to help offset costs.”

 - Abby F., Study Abroad in Berlin, London and Rome 

In addition to a few extra stamps in their passports, multisite study abroad students make more international friends and feel more independent and empowered by learning to navigate global travel and have deeper intercultural understanding.

“The multisite facet of this program resulted in an intellectually stimulating experience that made every moment feel exciting and challenged my ability to think on my feet. It certainly improved my ability to quickly adapt! I was almost always talking with people, asking questions, navigating different areas of the city and reflecting on cross-cultural comparisons."

 - Maggie S., Study Abroad in Berlin, London and Rome 

Enhanced education

CIEE offers programs across a breadth of disciplines, including architecture, communication, public health, environment and sustainability, engineering, social sciences, intercultural learning, business and international development. These courses enrich knowledge in your field of study or provide an opportunity to study subjects you want to learn more about.

“Study abroad classes were also a lot of fun, because CIEE requires at least two sessions are spent outside the classroom. We got to explore the city more often than not. The classes also really helped me define what I wanted to pursue after undergrad and helped me decide on incorporating international work into my future career.”

 - Abby F., Study Abroad in Berlin, London and Rome

The learning that takes place abroad includes college credits that can help fulfill general electives or discipline-specific requirements on your transcript.

“My favorite thing about courses at the CIEE Global Institutes was the option to learn outside of the classroom. Every class that I attended made trips to museums, professional presentations and discussion boards or other cultural activities. Every day wasn’t the same or even in a classroom!”

 - Emily E., Study Abroad in Berlin, London and Rome 


Multisite programs are an impactful way to see more of the world for less cost. CIEE offers need-based grants and merit scholarships to improve affordability. Prices vary based upon the program and location selected and term length. Avoid creating a new routine, and study in two or three cities.