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How to Spend the Summer Before Your Freshman Year of College

Once you've crossed the stage and picked up your high school diploma, what's next? You've got about three months' worth of time to prep for the fall, so use it wiselyHere are just a few of the ways you can spend the summer before your freshman year.

File Your Paperwork

The applications have been submitted, but there are probably a few more items you'll need to submit to your school in order to be fully prepared for the fall. This could include an official record of immunizations, which will indicate to the university that you've been properly vaccinated for illnesses before moving into a residence hall. It will also include your housing application, which will help the residence hall staff place you in the right place with a roommate.

Get to Know Your Major

It can't hurt to investigate what you're about to study. And whether you have a declared major or not, it's important to get to know your options. (Check out SDSU's rundown of major advising sheets here to get started.) You'll register for your first year of classes at your New Student Orientation (NSO) session, so having a handle on general education requirements and major requirements can be helpful going in.

Decide if Honors is For You

Are you interested in being a part of an honors program during your time at college? The summer is a good time to do your homework and make a final decision on whether you'll be trying for honor acceptance or not. Weigh your options and your strengths to determine if it'll be a good fit for your academic journey. Check out SDSU's honors options here.

Prep Your Financial Aid

By this point, you'll have submitted your FAFSA and received your financial aid options. You may also have scholarships in hand if you've been awarded any for the fall. The summer is a great time to determine your budget for the upcoming school year and select which financial aid options you'll be accepting. SDSU's Office of Financial Aid can help answer any questions you may have.

Attend New Student Orientation

NSO is a great way for you to get a better idea of what your first semester at college will look like, from seeing what residence hall life will be like to learning more about your major and meeting your academic advisor. Plan on registering for an NSO session and making the most of your summer before you start.