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What Sets SDState Apart from Other Colleges in the Region

You have options when it comes to your college search—but what truly sets your university choices apart when it comes to selecting the campus you'll be calling home for the next few years? South Dakota State University (SDState) has many key qualities that set it apart from other colleges in the area.

Here are six of those unique values.


The price tag certainly doesn't hurt—comparitively, SDState's tuition, fees and room and board are often kinder to your budget than many other public universities and colleges in the region. Not to mention, children of alumni and residents of neighboring states Iowa and Nebraska can quality for in-state tuition. (And Minnesota residents can receive a lower out-of-state tuition rate through reciprocity.) Compared nationally, SDState's tuition cost is 28 percent lower than average.

Hands-On Learning

One of SDState's key values when it comes to academics is immersing students in hands-on and experiential learning. It's a commitment evident across a variety of SDState's colleges, from its groundbreaking e-trading lab that offers students the chance to experience real-time trading and investments, to serving as home base for the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Experiment Station. SDState places its students squarely in their fields throughout their time on campus.

Major Diversity

When it comes to program selection, it certainly doesn't hurt to bring the variety. SDState is actually South Dakota's largest, most comprehensive institute of higher education—this means that major options are plentiful. With 180-plus degree options, SDState is home to a sizable roster of unique majors. (And its commitment to student-led campus organizations and clubs boasts one of the largest, if not the largest, list of potential options in the area.)

Campus Culture

Whether you're a current student or an alumnus, the sense of pride in being a part of the SDState legacy is strong at every stage. The rich history of the university and the pride that Jackrabbits have in and out of school is palpable. Thanks to the campus commitment to preserving its history (take the Coughlin Campanile, for an example of its iconic architecture) and to upholding traditions (Hobo Day is the largest, one-day homecoming event in the area), SDState maintains the cultural connection of a much smaller school than it is.

Faculty & Staff

We're also proud of the level of care and support our faculty and staff provides—SDState has assembled a group of educators and administrators who truly care about the student body and are committed to their success. In addition, that ability to connect is made all the easier by SDState's small class sizes and enviable student-to-faculty ratio of 18-to-1.

Job Placement

Your career is in good hands at SDState—a high job-placement rate for graduates means that the faculty and staff on campus is committed to not only making your time at SDState positive, but also to making sure you're well taken care of once you have your degree in hand. Many of our colleges and departments can also boast a 100 percent placement rate!

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