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The Career Benefits of an SDSU Graduate Degree

Achieving a higher degree in your field can deliver you a more lucrative, ongoing career post-graduation. It furthers your education, builds more industry-applicable skills and sets you up with more expertise when the job search begins. 

An SDSU graduate degree can enhance your future career prospects.

Degree Choice

There are numerous career paths available to you through SDSU’s graduate programs. With 35 options of master’s degrees, 15 doctoral programs and 15 graduate certificate programs, choice is a big benefit to your future career. And this doesn’t simply apply to on-campus students—online graduate students can choose from 13 master’s programs and seven graduate certificate options.

Research Opportunities

Hands-on opportunities to conduct field research are priceless. Thanks to faculty-led projects and partnerships with area industry leaders, graduate students can take advantage of SDSU’s designation as an Innovation and Economic Prosperity University from the continent’s oldest higher education association, the Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities. 

Industry Recognition

Being a part of a program that is nationally recognized for its curriculum and for its methods of study can have a great effect on your résumé post-graduation. Recognition for SDSU’s online graduate programs, for example, include GraduatePrograms.com’s designation of the online master’s in mass communication as one of the best in the nation. 


SDSU’s online graduate degrees are all fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission North Central Association (HLCNCA), in addition to other per-program groups. This means that the HLCNCA evaluated the program for quality to assure you’re receiving the best possible career preparation. 


Future salary can be a big boost to your household budget after graduation. The graduate degrees SDSU offers can provide substantial growth opportunities when it comes to pay. A master’s in educational administration, for example, can earn a high school teacher as much as $9,200 more in annual salary than those with a bachelor’s degree.

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