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Adulting 101 Series: Interviewing Tips

You have your dream job in mind, but now you need to put in the work to get there. An evident part of that is interviewing to get the dream job or another job that will help you get to that dream job. With a few simple tips in mind, you will walk out of that interview with your head held high.

Read these five tips for acing your next interview.

Arrive Prepared

Preparing for an interview takes more than the hour before it starts. As soon as you know about the interview you should start preparing. This means thinking about what you are going to wear, what to bring and when to arrive. You do not need to buy a new outfit but consider dressing in a way that commands respect. You should also arrive early. This means giving enough time to find the building, park and find the meeting place. To be prepared you should bring a pen, paper and extra resumes. This way you can take notes and be well prepared when asked for a copy of your resume. 


Do Your Research

If you plan to get a job with a certain company then you need to know about the company before you apply. This shows your initiation to invest in the company before even being on their team. Show up and know the companies goals, clients and work ethic. You will impress the interviewers when you use examples that directly apply to that company.


Be Conversational

An interview should be treated as a two-way street including both you and the interviewer. While you are the one they are getting to know, you should also show interest in getting to know the company and the position. Even when the interview is over you should follow up with the employer to let them know you are still interested.



The more you prepare for the interview the more confident you will be going in. Start reviewing common interview questions and practicing how you would answer. Many answers can be used for several different questions. You should start thinking of questions you can ask during the interview. Write them down and have them ready before. When practicing watch yourself in the mirror and keep in mind proper body language, tone of voice and facial expressions. SDSU’s Career Office provides practice interviews for those looking to get more experience.


Send a Thank You

No matter how you felt the interview went, you should always send a thank-you note. Whether this is by mail or email, it shows your interest and appreciation for their time. This is a gesture that also helps keep you at the top of the employer’s mind. Remind them of the strengths you can provide for their company through the position at hand.  

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