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Adulting 101 Series: Creating Balance in a New Routine

Entering into the freedom of adulthood is an exciting time. Whether you are going to college or starting a professional job, this time calls for many changes. The best way to be successful in your “adulting” life is to learn from firsthand experiences. To help make the adjustment easier, we are beginning an Adulting 101 series.

Everyone’s path to becoming an adult is different and through the journey, there are plenty of lessons learned. This blog acknowledges tips for creating balance in a new routine.  

Balancing a new schedule

As you begin to create daily, weekly or monthly schedules, keep in mind you will perform your best when there is balance in your schedule. This means prioritizing your to-dos, but also leaving room for hobbies and rest. To set yourself up for success, use a planner and write your schedule. By doing this, you will have everything in front of you and not miss important responsibilities. When writing out your schedule, leave room for rest and enjoyment between your daily tasks.

Make time for things you enjoy

A well-balanced life requires you to set aside time for yourself. For go-getters, this provides a challenge, but to be the most productive, you should schedule “me time.” Whether it be reading a book, watching a movie, listening to music or exercising, any activity that you find enjoyment in will replenish your mind. With a clear mind, you can create your best work.

Ease into it

It takes time to adjust to anything new and this includes a new schedule. The week before your schedule changes, start adjusting your life to match what is to come. Go to bed sooner and wake up at the time you’ll have to be up for your new schedule. Whether your schedule starts with an 8 a.m. class or work, adjusting your sleep schedule before will help your body adapt to the new routine and ensure you get there on time. Start switching your alarms and preparing by meal prepping, gathering supplies and getting in the right mindset.

Set priorities

As mentioned, a key part of being successful in your new routine is setting priorities. You can do this based on the importance of the task or due date. Write these proprieties in order and stick to them. Cross them off your list and you will feel accomplished each step of the way. Your teachers and supervisors will also thank you for staying ahead of your work.

Be flexible

A change in routine can throw off those who are unprepared. When you are flexible to the changes happening around you, they won’t throw you off. Remind yourself that change is coming and portray the attitude that you want to get from this new routine. If you adjust with an open mind and a hopeful spirit, you are sure to be successful in your new schedule.

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