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Adulting 101 Series: Commuting

Entering into the freedom of adulthood is an exciting time. Whether you are going off to college, or starting a professional job, this time calls for many changes. The best way to be successful in your “adulting” life is to learn from first-hand experiences. To help make the adjustment easier, we are beginning an adulting 101 series where topics discussed will include tips to mastering adulthood.

Everyone’s path to becoming an adult is different and through the journey there are plenty of lessons learned. This blog acknowledges tips for commuting to class or work.

Be prepared

The number one way to make your commute to class or work smooth is to prepare. This means knowing what route you are going to take, how long it’s going to take you to get there and leaving extra time for any bumps along the way. In the case there is a detour and roads are closed, you should prepare enough to still make it on time. Leave ten-minutes earlier to avoid traffic, trains, bad weather, or car maintenance that may be encountered on your daily route. Moral of the story always expect the unexpected.

Explore other forms of transportation

Should you realize a common trend of getting stuck in rush hour traffic, assess other forms of transportation that will get you there in a more efficient manner. Would it be faster to take the bus, a bike, or to walk to work? These options may provide quicker commuting times and less time worrying about what you might encounter on your drive to work.

Avoid rush hour

As was stated above, many other people will be on their way to or from work at the same time you are. Even small towns can get congested over peak commute hours. Leaving ten-minutes earlier can save you from getting stuck behind several cars.

Know the parking rules

Many schools and businesses have rules specific to certain parking lots. Be familiar with these rules before your first day. You don’t want to leave to find a hefty parking fee on your windshield. There are usually rules in place that require the purchase of a parking pass or only allow parking in spots for an allotted amount of time. These are good questions to ask before your first day on the job or at class. If you have trouble paying for a pass or finding a spot, consider carpooling with a roommate, friend or coworker to make the trip easier.

Take your housing location into consideration

When searching for the right place to live, keep in mind the distance you have to drive to get from your home to work or school. A good rule of thumb is to remain within a ten-minute drive. This way your commute time is more manageable and does not take a large portion out of your day. You will thank yourself later when you realize how much time this saves you.  

Even if your commute time is almost impossible to consider or rush hour is getting the best of you, you can always think of the bigger picture. Remember the path it took for you to get here and the job you have to show for it. It takes perseverance to reach your goals and to know they are worth chasing. 

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