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6 Powerful Careers for Mathematics and Statistics Majors

If you have a head for numbers, you're more than likely considering the career prospects of a mathematics or statistics degree. When it comes to delving into this world of equations, predictive modeling and computation, you have plenty of options from which to choose—including many that have potentially lucrative career outcomes.

Check out some of the most top-notch options for those studying mathematics and statistics.

Data Scientist

If you have the organizational skills and curiosity to sift through stacks of information and convert it into solutions and positive outcomes, you may be well-suited to being a data scientist. Mathematics and statistics majors enter this field to gather, analyze and make sense of information for businesses and turn it into digestible and actionable takeaways.

Median Salary: $91,000*



In an era in which managing mountains of consumer data becomes more important by the day (with each new social channel, mobile app and the like), marketing companies and consumer sales operations will rely more and more on statisticians to unpack all of this information for their businesses to stay successful. Statisticians lie on the more analytical and mathematical side of the spectrum, as compared to data scientists.

Median Salary: $82,000*

*U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics


If crunching numbers and determining risk-versus-reward outcomes sound your speed, actuarial work might be up your alley. Actuaries give advice to businesses and organizations on how, when and why to invest—a background in mathematics and statistics comes in handy when balancing insurance risks and liabilities against potential benefits.

Median Salary: $101,000*

*U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Data Analyst

Not all businesspersons are able to take their financials and translate it into plain-speak on which their leadership teams can make operational decisions. That's where a data analyst comes in—performing market research and identifying sales opportunities and failings so that owners and managers can understand how their businesses function at the mathematical level.

Median Salary: $58,000*


Operations Research Analyst

The corporate world relies on operations research analysts to track their business practices and identify problem areas and opportunities—from basic problem-solving in how a company conducts business, to using mathematical methods to predict patterns and what the future might hold for one or many clients at a time.

Median Salary: $79,000*

*U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Computational Scientist

If you have an interest in engineering and computers, you may be most suited to a computational science career. In this field, you'll develop and program your own applications that could be used in a variety of ways, including evaluating laboratory research projects or developing algorithms for a consumer retailer.

Median Salary: $95,000*


Mathematics & Statistics @ SDState

If you want to investigate your options in this department at SDState, check out what we offer here. And if you want to dive into the mathematics and statistics student experience, check out our student-run clubs and organizations here.

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