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You’ve Been Admitted to College—Now What?

You submitted your application. You visited the campus. You’ve maybe even received firsthand information from an alumnus or two. But once that letter arrives telling you you’ve been admitted, what’s next? 

Here are some next steps to take once you’ve been accepted.

Selecting a School

Most schools have a certain number of slots to fill. You’ll want to make your college choice as early as you can to ensure you get first dibs on potential scholarships, aid and residential-life options.

SDSU is South Dakota’s largest, most comprehensive college or university—selecting SDSU means giving yourself the widest range of options for career paths.

Applying for Aid

One of the most important steps you’ll need to take on your path to enrolling in your school of choice is applying for financial aid and scholarships. Most schools will have “priority deadlines,” which means that applying early affords you the most options for financial assistance.

For academic scholarship priority at SDSU, apply by Jan. 15— with a March 15 deadline for FAFSA priority. 

Earning AP Credits

Depending on the depth of options at your high school, one of the best steps you can take leading up to college enrollment is to take as many applicable AP classes as you can. If they earn you college credit, you can potentially apply them to future required courses. And particular adeptness in a given area might also allow you to test out of an introductory course.

Check out SDSU’s process for AP class credits—and talk to a team member about opportunities for placement tests in areas such as math or foreign language.

Confirming Housing

The all-important residence-hall selection is another great reason to get on your enrollment goals early. If you’re a big fan of being on the first floor, would love a room near the bathrooms or want to be as far away as possible, being on top of housing registration is an important step in the enrollment schedule. 

If you’re attending a larger campus like SDSU, you’ll have even more options—for example, there are 12 residence halls open to freshman from which to choose, all with slightly different layouts and amenities. Check out the options.

Registering for Orientation

There’s no better way to get a true campus experience than by taking part in an orientation session at your chosen college or university. You’ll meet key people from faculty and staff, hear about next steps and have a chance to see more of the campus and its buildings. 

In SDSU’s case, you can register starting in April for a summer, on-campus orientation session to learn more about meal plans, placement exams and the campus.

Submitting your applications is just the first part of the college enrollment process. When you’re ready to take the plunge and take up your offer of acceptance from SDSU, our team is ready and waiting. Questions can be directed to 800-952-3541 or SDSU.Admissions@SDState.edu.