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What to Expect at SDSU

During college searches, students may have a different idea of what to look for. South Dakota State University checks the boxes for many expectations and we are here to highlight a few of them. 

Building tools for your future

SDSU has everything you need to succeed. We do the heavy lifting by providing top-of-the-line education for our students. Each program strives to meet the ever-demanding needs of the industry by preparing students for what the real world has to offer. You are guaranteed to graduate with the tools you need for a successful career. 

Help and support

From professors, classmates, academic advisors and counselors, you have the best support system at your back. College professors want to know you personally and see you succeed. They are great mentors for your future and references for applications. Academic advisors are there to guide you as to what courses you should take and internships to complete to keep you on the path to graduation. As you move further into your degree, you will grow closer with the students in your major. These individuals become key resources for navigating college. The SDSU staff and counselors are here for you. No matter what you need, SDSU has the people to help

Varying class sizes

As you begin your freshman year at SDSU, you have the opportunity to meet students in different majors. The general classes you take allow you to experience a large-class setting with students from different backgrounds. You can expand your social circle while learning about different interests. General classes broaden your future career interests by introducing you to basic understandings. As you move further into your chosen major, the class sizes decrease significantly and you are introduced to a more personal setting. This environment allows you to connect with the professor and your classmates on a deeper level. 

Lifelong skills

The best thing you can take from college is the lifelong skills that were built from experiences. Whether it be in the classroom, in leadership positions, through jobs or other learning experiences, these skills are built by investing in your surroundings. Classes are built to engage students through hands-on learning. You'll do more than sit at a desk and listen to a lecture, you will be researching, experimenting and exploring topics to discover answers. The jobs and organizations that you invest in will teach you skills outside of the classroom. These are the skills that employers look for when checking off the boxes on an application. The more you invest, the more you will get out of your time at SDSU. 

Something for everyone

College also means entering into a new social scene. This is a great time to make new friends and rediscover yourself. With over 240 student organizations on campus, there is something for everyone. Not only that, but you can find a job on campus that sets you up for future success. There are opportunities to study abroad and gain further experiences from new cultures. Here at State, you are guaranteed to spark your interests when you get involved. Something is going on every weekend for entertainment. Between SDSU athletics, University Program Council events and community involvement, there is always something to look forward to doing.