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What New Funding Boost Means for Heavy-Highway Program

The Jerome J. Lohr College of Engineering has recently been granted funding for a new faculty position in their heavy-highway construction minor. So, what can this news do for you?

The Goal

Beavers Inc., a national heavy construction company, granted the funding through their scholarship arm called Beavers Charitable Trust. The College of Engineering plans to use this funding to add another professor position and increase student enrollment in their heavy-highway construction program. They also hope that this addition will help increase the number of students going into heavy construction after graduation.


Beavers Inc. hopes that by hiring a new faculty member with extensive knowledge in the field and putting them in a classroom, they could serve as an ‘evangelist’ for heavy construction. SDSU also plans to have this new professor serve as a line of communication between the school and surrounding regional heavy industry partners.


What This Means for You?

South Dakota State University is working hard to put a strong emphasis on their construction management program and heavy-highway construction minor. If this is an area of interest for you, come sign up for a tour of campus and register for an academic appointment at www.sdstate.edu.

Choosing a time to come visit SDSU and speak with an academic expert can help solidify if this program is right for you. If the tour and academic appointment seems even more interesting and enticing, go ahead and apply at www.apply.sdstate.edu. Come build your future at SDSU.