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What is a Bachelor of Arts degree?

At SDState, students in a number of majors have the option to choose their college degree. But, knowing which one to choose may seem confusing. Here are a few reasons you might choose the Bachelor of Arts route.


A Bachelor of Arts degree is a flexible and adaptable four-year program that allows you to choose from a variety of classes that interest you. These courses prepare you to chart a path toward your professional future.


What will I be studying? 

Every major has its own curriculum and course requirements. In order to understand the graduation requirements for your degree program, use the academic catalog and seek support from your academic advisor. While there are some common requirements for students earning a Bachelor of Arts degree, each major has its own distinctions.


One major distinction of the B.A. degree is the requirement to complete six or more credits in a modern language at the intermediate level. Students who studied another language in high school, through a study abroad experience or who speak another language at home can test into higher-level modern language courses. Credits can be purchased for lower-level classes at a significantly reduced rate. This possibility is a great way to get a head start on your degree – especially if you want to pursue a modern language minor. Take advantage of this opportunity by contacting your academic advisor.


Why choose a B.A. degree? What is the value?

A Bachelor of Arts degree prepares students for the completive, global workplace. The B.A. degree gives you the adaptability to respond to a changing workplace. It is flexible and prepares you to adapt to rapidly changing career opportunities. Rather than being limited to one narrow field of employment, students have the experience for a variety of professional paths. With a Bachelor of Arts degree, you can choose courses that spark your interest. For example, a business economics major may choose to study Spanish because they know it will strengthen their job qualification. If you’re looking for the flexibility to choose courses that fit your interest and professional goals, look to a Bachelor of Arts degree.


What can I do with a B.A. degree?

A Bachelor of Arts degree gives you the adaptability to respond to a changing nature of work. You will be prepared for a variety of professional paths, both when you are fresh out of college and when you are established in your career. If you are looking for the opportunity to chart your own course and be ready to be an effective leader, a Bachelor of Arts degree may be for you.


At SDState the beauty is that you don’t have to figure this out on your own. Your academic advisor is always there to help. They’ve seen it all and they have the resources to assist you. No matter where you start from, SDState can help you find the right path to achieve your goals.