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Undecided about your major? SDState offers multiple resources to narrow it down.

The start of classes is only a few months away. Are you still undecided on a major? Do not fret, there are many resources to help figure out what is right for you.  

Take the Focus 2 Career assessment

When talking with your academic advisor, they will ask about your interest areas and encourage you to take the Focus 2 Career assessment. SDState’s Office of Career and Development uses this free online tool to help students make informed decisions about their major, education and career.

The assessment walks you through a series of questionnaires that pertain to your work interests, personality, leisure interests, values and skills. After each assessment, you will receive a report outlining your attributes. You can then combine the results from all five assessments to determine careers that highlight your strengths. The top occupations that appear in each assessment will be pooled as your strongest possible careers. You can then see which majors/programs are offered at SDState that would help you become a professional in that area.

It is recommended to take this assessment before meeting with your first-year academic advisor. That way you will arrive with a better understanding of the route you may want to go, and your academic advisor can help you choose the majors best suited for that career.

Find classes you are interested in

Many students start in SDState’s exploratory studies program, a structured program that helps students focus their career exploration and often leads to faster, more informed decisions about which major to choose. Academic advisors also help students select courses that allow them to explore their interests, prepare to job shadow or schedule informational interviews to gather information about majors and careers.

Explore majors and careers

Through the degree explorer, you can search for majors offered at SDState. Not sure what you’re looking for? Narrow search results by keywords, interest areas, locations, degree type and college or school. When selecting a major you will find information on the program requirements, academic advising sheets, career opportunities and internship or employer opportunities. Once you find something you’re interested in, you can request more information or schedule a visit to explore your options.

Meet with a career coach

The Office of Career and Development offers hours for students to talk with a career coach. Students can discuss any career-related topics with experienced coaches who will guide you. Whether it be searching for the right major, creating a resume or looking for a job, this office can answer it all. Make this office one of your first stops.

Choosing a major that will lead you down the right career path is a crucial decision and you shouldn’t have to make it alone. SDState offers resources that will help you narrow your options and start in the direction to a successful career.