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Signs You Should Major in the Natural Sciences

Are you searching for the perfect fit for your future at SDState but are unsure of what that might be? We’ve gathered a few signs a major in the College of Natural Sciences may be the right choice.


What does natural sciences mean?

Natural sciences are a division of science that involves the physical world. The SDSU College of Natural Sciences is home to biology and microbiology, chemistry and biochemistry, geography and physics. Through these programs, you will gain hands-on experience in the respective area that prepares you for your future. The possibilities are endless after graduating with a degree in one of SDSU’s natural science programs.


Biology and Microbiology

Do you dream of a career where you make a greater impact on the world? As a biology or microbiology student, you will be a part of discoveries that advance the field while gaining valuable hands-on experience. SDSU is the No. 1 research institute in the state and all undergraduates have the opportunity to conduct research. With a biology or microbiology degree, SDState students can go on to be doctors, scientist, zookeepers, lab technicians, teachers, criminal forensic scientists and more. One of the most popular majors, human biology was designed with the pre-professional in mind, giving students hands-on experience and preparation materials for applying to health-related schools. By offering flexibility in the coursework, biology and microbiology allows you to combine your major with choices in pre-professional programs. We believe life’s next big advancement could come at your hands.



Chemistry and Biochemistry

Are you a curious, creative thinker who enjoys solving riddles? If you are looking for a career of discovery and healing, a chemistry or biochemistry major may be the right choice. At SDState, you will have many opportunities to experiment, direct research initiatives and discover your interests. You will have the freedom to seek training in the areas that fascinate and motivate you. A career in pharmaceutical sales, government industries, health care, education, quality assurance or safety and regulation could await you after graduation. Our graduates are in demand with a job placement of 98 percent and an acceptance rate of 100 percent for graduate schools.




Do you want to help solve real-world problems and make a greater impact through discovery? With a geography major, you will study the complex relationships between humans and the natural world. Geographers help to solve problems, improve the quality of life and increase our understanding of the world. Our geography program has a student-faculty ratio of 10.5:1. A Bachelor of Science in geography leads students to job prospects as city or environmental planners, drone survey analysts, hydrologist, journalist, international relations or education. Map your destiny with a geography major at SDState. 




Do you enjoy figuring out how things work? Science fiction? Riddles and puzzles? If you answered yes, then a physics major may be right for you. Being an SDSU physics major has perks such as group discussions about new elements in the world of physics, fun events such as an eclipse viewing party, an annual astronomy day and observe the moon night. The curriculum is built around courses that will prepare you for a fulfilling and often lucrative career. With a Bachelor of Science in physics, students can explore careers in science, technology, engineering, education, medicine, forensics, law, astronomy, science journalism or military defense. 



Looking for more information on the College of Natural Sciences? Schedule a personalized visit today to tour the cadaver lab, the Avera Health Science Building, classrooms and other facilities.

Further questions can be sent to sdsu.naturalsciences@sdstate.edu. You can also follow along on social media for updates on the College of Natural Sciences and its departments. Facebook - Natural Sciences, Facebook - Chemistry & Biochemistry, Facebook -  Geography, Facebook - Physics, Instagram - Natural Sciences, LinkedIn - Natural Sciences