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Survey Shows SDState Graduates are Prepared for the Future

Ninety-six percent of South Dakota State University’s December 2018 candidates for graduation said they achieved their educational goals in an exit survey conducted by the university’s Office of Institutional Research and Assessment.

That 96 percent said they received a high-quality education and 94 percent would recommend SDState to other prospective students.

The survey is used to rate the overall student experience, quality of education and how the university is preparing graduates for the next phase of their lives.

These other topics in the survey also received scores of 94 percent or higher were:

  • Had their educational expectations met;
  • Were satisfied with their experience at SDSU; and
  • Were prepared to be successful.

The survey also shows 70 percent participated in an internship, indicating that SDState graduates are prepared to enter the workforce by gaining hands-on experience before graduation.


About the survey
The 2018 Senior Exit Survey is designed to obtain information from graduating seniors on their overall perceptions of their SDSU undergraduate experience, perceptions of knowledge and skills acquired at SDSU, participation in high-impact practices, satisfaction with student service offices, and their graduate education aspirations. Graduating seniors are required to respond to the Senior Exit Survey as part of their online graduation application. In fall 2018, 522 seniors expressed intent to graduate and participated in the survey. The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment advances the university’s mission by leading, coordinating and supporting initiatives and projects related to institutional planning, assessment and research.