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In-Person, Online, Hybrid or Hyflex Classes? Choose Your Best Fit

South Dakota State University offers different opportunities for student education that work for each student’s schedule. With multiple types of class options available, students are free to create a semester schedule that perfectly fits them. Here’s how to know the difference between the types of classes available and see what each option entails.



When registering for classes, it is an option for some courses to choose a version that is completely online, or asynchronous, compared to on-campus. This type would be taught entirely over D2L, with instructors posting lectures, notes, class information like a syllabus or schedule and other materials online.


Online courses allow you to work on assignments at whatever time best fits your schedule. There is not a designated time frame that requires you to be on D2L at a certain time. You work at whatever pace needed to meet the assigned due dates. Be prepared to check the course syllabus to understand the expectations of each online class.


There are also many ways to contact your instructor during online classes. Interaction is possible through email, discussion boards and office hours. Read through your class syllabus to see which option offers the best way for the two of you to communicate. Be sure to check out what courses are offered as online classes are always available for student throughout any school year.



Another type of class always offered is a hybrid class. These classes combine face-to-face lecture and remote learning components. Registering for classes will have this format listed as ‘blended’ or ‘hybrid.’


Some sections of hybrid classes may use cohorts, or groups of students, to decide which days are for face-to-face lectures and which ones could be done remotely. Hybrid classes may also incorporate Zoom lectures into the course work based on the cohorts.


A hybrid class format gives you the opportunity to speak with your instructor directly during class and additionally through office hours or a scheduled appointment. Check your university email and class information on D2L to find out exactly how your course will function.



Hyflex courses are a new form of classes created in order to meet COVID-19 restrictions in classroom sizes. This type of class also has a combination of face-to-face lecture and remote learning components. These classes were originally meant to be offered as a face-to-face lecture in a typical semester but were moved to the hyflex format.


Similar to the hybrid format, some sections of hyflex classes may use cohorts to decide what days are meant for an in-person class and which days are done remotely. This option also allows students to have the option of attending class in the classroom, remotely or through a recorded lecture.


Hyflex classes also allow the chance to interact with your instructor during an in-person class as well as during office hours, a scheduled appointment or through Zoom. Be sure to look out for classroom updates or information on the format of your class from your instructor either on D2L or in your university email.


It is possible to register for a class intended for in-person lecture but later changes. Watch your class homepage on D2L for information about how your class will function in either online (asynchronous), hybrid (combination), hyflex (combination) or in-person formats.