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Why enter the School of Design

If you’re looking at being a graphic artist, architect or maybe even own your own business, South Dakota State University's School of Design is where you want to be.

The School of Design contains five fields of study—architecture, graphic design, interior design, landscape architecture and studio arts.

First-year students enroll in collaborative design studies, which allow them to choose a major. In fact, if you choose architecture but then later decide graphic design is your calling, you can make that switch and graduate on time as long as it’s done within your first year.

The architecture, landscape architecture and interior design programs are geared for graduates to become licensed in those fields.

However, those programs—along with studio arts and graphic design—teach you design thinking and give you access to a wide variety of careers. This includes fields like art therapy and others that have names that what one might not expect. In fact, there are nearly 5 million people working in the United States in the arts, according to the National Endowment for the Arts.

With design thinking training, you can analyze situations with multiple variables and lead others or take an idea and run with it. The NEA shows artists are 34 percent more likely to be entrepreneurial than other workers.